Bulletin Number 01 / 2014


New year should be the beginning of new efforts. Only members can provide those efforts that will bring results. AOPA board is only a coordinating office. It is the individual members that will provide the imagination and the efforts that will bring results.
AOPA board is inviting members to mobilize. They may send a simple aviation photo. They may write a small text. Or they may contact an MP
All are right moves. No matter what it is. But DO SOMETHING for General Aviation.


The new chart of AOPA Greece has been approved by local Authorities. It will be published soon and will be made available by the AOPA site in the net. This new chart was approved in the last General assembly of AOPA memebers


AOPA moves to support members are presented.
At the same time, we remind you all that AOPA is welcoming any input in the form of photo’s, text, jokes etc


AOPA Greece was initially created in 1993 that is 20 years ago. Following major reorganization, AOPA was re-established in 2000 and is now 14 years old in its present status. A small account of its story is presented

Bulletin Number 17 / 2013


Wishing you Season's Greetings
And A Happy New Year!
Blue skies and happy landings

I wish to all AOPA members a happy new year, blue skies and safe landings
AOPA Greece is getting bigger and more effective each passing year. This is due to the aviation spirit and hard work of all our members.
Despite the difficult economic situation, we manage to have more air shows and of better quality each year.
We invite all aviation friends to join the ranks of AOPA Greece. Together we can build a better sky for all aviators. Join our ranks

An important meeting was held in the island of Corfu on December 13.  High ranking Administration officials met with all companies preparing to launch sea plane commercial operations early next year.
AOPA was there of course and among other things discussed the situation of private sea planes.
There is real sense that this time sea plane operations will end up successfully.

A new commercial company named Ellinair was announced. Based at Thessaloniki MAKEDONIA airport, the new company will start operations linking Thessaloniki with various destinations in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries of the same area.

AOPA Greece is actively supporting members who are presented by a lot of difficulties while dealing with government officials. A number of cases are presented.
We remind to all of our members, that our news letter is open to everyone, of Greek or foreign nationality. You may send letters, photo’s, articles or whatever you may think that might be of interest to a truly international pilot. Cartoons or jokes are also invited.

Bulletin Number 16 / 2013

1. Support Gen Aviation
AOPA Greece calls all members to join efforts to improve Gen Aviation situation in the country. All members who can cooperate should notify AOPA Greece.

2.  AOPA EU in Athens
AOPA EU decided unanimously to accept Greek offer and stage European Regional meeting for September 2014 in Athens. At the same dates as AFW 2014. It is part of the effort to turn AFW into a major European Gen Aviation event.

3. www.aerodata.gr
This is a private Gen Aviation portal, for Greek Gen Aviation. It contains a lot of useful aviation information, presented in a friendly manner.

4. Miscellaneous information.
AOPA Germany launched a campaign to collect statistical data for all European Gen Aviation. AOPA Greece is encouraging its member to participate in this effort.
Egnatia Aviation announced a new agreement with AAG (Alpha Aviation Group). They will cooperate in training pilots for the low cost carrier Air Arabia. Egnatia Aviation is one of the biggest training establishments in Europe. And is the 4th European school to employ the MPL (Multi-crew Pilot License).
AOPA Greece invites all members to take part in its everyday activities. You may send photos, documents, proposals etc. They will all be evaluated and published. 
AOPA Greece is now sending to all members the news bulletin of AOPA EU and of IAOPA. It will provide a short picture of Gen Aviation in the international context.
Gen Aviation activities program for 2014 will be presented to our members soon. All those who wish to organize such an activity should contact AOPA the soonest.

Bulletin Number 15 / 2013

Athens Flying Week is over. It had a great success, and more important, was better than last year’s. AOPA Hellas participated actively by organizing the Fly-in.
There were 53 registrations in the Fly-in, not counting the participants of the airshow. 18 came from abroad, namely 1 from Turkey, 2 from Switzerland, 5 from Israel and 10 from Italy.
There were 322 arrivals/departures during the AFW. Marshaller Elliot Kefalas, with his experience and ability secured the safe and problem – free movement on the ground.
Once again we had the unconditional help and support of the HAF personnel who manned the LGTT Tower. They controlled with no problem everyone, even when they had 6 arriving aircrafts holding over LIMNI during Friday’s airshow.
The only upsetting thing was the registrations done after the deadline that could not be approved. In a complex organization like AFW, where many different public services are involved, we are forced to set deadlines. Remember next year,   register in time. Cancellations or changes of the crew are accepted any time.
Participants unanimously agreed that the Fly-in was a success. Great part of the success was due to the help of the AOPA volunteers who were present at all times at the apron and the Organization’s Tent, ready to solve any problem that arose.
Friday evening the Fly-in participants enjoyed a BBQ at “1929” restaurant next to the airport. On Sunday evening we celebrated the success of AFW at the HAF Museum in Tatoi. The airshow crews were awarded diplomas and the evening ended with music and dancing, with the Polish team Orlik excelling on the dance floor.
Rendezvous next year, same place, the last week of September. AOPA Hellas faces a new challenge:
The Regional Meeting of IAOPA Europe will be held in Athens during the AFW2014. We invite all of you to participate in the AFW2014 and invite your friends from all over Europe to join us. Our aim is to have participants from every member state of IAOPA Europe who will not only participate in the AFW Fly-in, but also, following the example of AOPA Israel, will enjoy a trip in Greece. Remember, September is still summertime in Greece.
See you next year in Tatoi.
2. Problems with the national CAA
AOPA Greece is assisting any member who might have difficulties with the National Civil Aviation Authority. This applies to all members, either Greek citizens or foreigners. Do not hesitate to contact AOPA Greece in case you have any problem.

3. Cooperation with members
AOPA Greece is inviting all members to partici