AOPA welcomes FRAPORT Greece new pricelist

AOPA Hellas in Greece, has had a close collaboration with FRAPORT Greece for the last two years, the period since April 2017 when the company took over the operation of 14 key airports of the country under a Concession Agreement with the state.

The April 2017 transition from state (CAA) to Private operated airports brought increased costs and parking availability constraints to Greece's General Aviation (GA).

Since then, AOPA Hellas established the path of communication with the airports' operator and collaborated on the tough issues that lay ahead.


FRAPORT Greece meeting with GA representatives

FRAPORT Greece organized a meeting with selected General Aviation (GA) representatives in Greece on September 26th 2018.

In the past AOPA Hellas had meetings with FRAPORT on May 2017 and May 2018 when the former were promised follow up discussions later in 2018.

The GA invitees to attend this time were AOPA Hellas, Chania Aeroclub, Hellenic Pilots Association, ELAO (Hellenic Aeroathletic Federation), Mitilini Aeroclub, Rhodes Aeroclub, Thessaloniki Aeroclub and Zakynthos Aeroclub.