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Ground Handling

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Page Last Updated: 18 June 2019

Discounted AOPA AIR CREW CARD holders charges at a gance:

2019 2021 charges

As part of the benefits to ALL AOPA members, all AOPA ΑΙR CREW CARD holders receive roughly 50% DISCOUNT in GROUND HANDLING in GREECE by the companies AOPA Hellas have signed such contracts with.

The companies under discount contract agreement in Greece are only: GOLDAIR and SKYSERV.

12.b  GROUND HANDLING Current Prices & Terms Offered for AOPA

According to Greece AIP (GEN you must accept and pay for handling services at major airports if it is offered to you. i.e. if it’s not offered don’t bother. The official wording in the AIP is: "It is obligatory to private aircraft to accept marshalling at all Greek aerodromes as well as crew and passenger transportation wherever such service is available".

AOPA Hellas has established agreements with ground handling agents in Greece for better pricing towards AOPA members. There are roughly 50% discounts on the basic price of handling. The agreements include only Marshalling and Transport/Escort to/from airport terminal and they are available only for valid AOPA AIR CREW CARD holders and only GENERAL AVIATION private flights (incl. training). Commercial operation light aircraft flights are excluded.

If you have an IAOPA AIR CREW card you can use it with our handling discounts. If you don't have AOPA card and want to become a member then apply to us (AOPA Hellas) from above and by becoming a member you draw back the cost of handling in just 2~3 airport visits. The cost is (minimum one year) 48 Euro per year + 6 Euro for card issue and posting = total 54 Euro.

Due to AIR CREW card taking about 7~10 days to reach you, we accomodate "last day" registrations by sending notification of your membership status to the first handler you will use when you visit a Greek airport. Just notify us at if you need this service after you have completed your registration and payment. In the registration process add your delivery address, country etc. in the fields provided and you will receive your AIR CREW card within the following week.

For a handy display of HANDLING AGENTS in Greece you can go to our planning tool and select to view the layer Aerodromes / Heliports. In the options below it you can set what you see and that includes the available HANDLERS at each airport. Click on the airport sign for details in text.

To see which HANDLER is available where navigate to

From TOP RIGHT thumbnail BASEMAP LAYERS select

  • Hellenic airspace data
    Aerodromes / Helipots
    Choose the airport types you're interested
    Choose the HANDLING companies you are interested




2 handlers (Goldair/Skyserv): LGIO - NOTE: Goldair AOPA discount does not apply in LGIO, even though they are present, but only in SKYSERV so choose SKYSERV only for LGIO.

1 handler (Goldair): LGSY, LGPA


1 handler (Swissport - no AOPA Discount) LGLM

Prices charged per handling agent per general aviation aircraft flight in BRIEF COMPARISON:


- GOLDAIR - serving 24 Airports - with valid AOPA/IAOPA card - GA aircraft below 3.000 kg MTOW - June 2019 Agreement ending in 2021.

24,8 Euro for basic handling increasing to 111,60 Euro where ramp bus transfer is compulsory and PPR is administered by Handler.

Added to Basic Handling: Bus 37,2 per ride - PPR 34,72 - IFR Slot Management 49,6  - Paperwork  12,4 - Disbursement fee 10% (to pay others on your behalf) - No weekend/Night surcharge - 24 Hrs PNR otherwise NO AOPA DISCOUNT. In case of DELAYED DEPARTURE beyond of 120 minutes of declared time, extra charges apply. Please read the GOLDAIR contract further down.

- SKYSERV - serving 37 Airports - with valid AOPA/IAOPA card - GA aircraft below 3.000 kg MTOW - June 2017 Agreement extended to 2019-2021.

49,6 Euro for basic handling increasing to 111,60 Euro where ramp bus transfer is compulsory and PPR is administered by Handler.

Added to Basic Handling: Bus 18,6 per ride - PPR 43,4 - IFR Slot Management 55,8  - Disbursements 10% - Credit Card payment 2% - No weekend/Night surcrarge - 24 Hrs PNR otherwise NO AOPA DISCOUNT

- SWISSPORT - serving 22 Airports - As of July 2017 NO AOPA DISCOUNT - The applicable basic handling rate for light (<3t) aircraft is EUR ~220 Euro but that adds up to ~270 Euro with few extras.

Note: The above prices are with VAT 24% where VAT is applicable.

PPR's: You can handle PPR on your own if you so wish by contacting the airport authority and in this case HANDLING AGENT will not charge PPR. THIS IS NOT possible for FRAPORT airports. For smaller CAA airports it is possible if they (CAA) do not oblige you to go via HANLDER for PPR request. See further down for instructions.

For IFR slot the handling agent must take care of it, there is no way to avoid it.


1. Go to --> OUR AIRPORTS --> Click on the airport you want --> Click on the name in the pop up ballon --> go to its BRIEF PRESENTATION

2. In there you find the airport CAA contact details. Contact them and ask for PPR.

3. AFTER you receive from CAA contact your handler with the PPR you have so they don't get it (and charge for it).

LGIR Iraklion CAA is known to defer pilots to handler for PPR.

Some CAA airport authorities MAYT NOT reply via email. You can still call them up on the phone listed to ask for CAA office and request a PPR stating that you did not get a responce in your email. It will save you some cost, more than that phonce call's cost. Greece international calling code is +30


FRAPORT airports decline to issue PPR directly to pilots and enforce it to be issued via the HANDLER (the Respresentative).



WARNING: 24hr prior notice must be sent to GOLDAIR or else the AOPA discount does not apply.

HOW TO CONTACT GOLDAIR :  Just browse to their CONTACT page

and select your destination from the drop down menu here

Especially for Athens LGAV GOLDAIR Contact:
GOLDAIR Executive
Tel: +30 210 3530550
Mob: +30 6977278991
Fax: +30 210 3532475

You can Download and read here the 2019-2021 AOPA-GOLDAIR Contract 

SKYSERV Handling

WARNING: 24hr prior notice must be sent to SKYSERV or else the AOPA discount does not apply.

HOW TO CONTACT SKYSERV:  Email both and where xxx is the THREE LETTER IATA CODE of the airport.

You can Download and read here the 2017 AOPA-SKYSERV Contract  (and the Extension for 2019-2021 period without changes in charges)


WARNING : No AOPA discount with SWISSPORT and the only case where SWISSPORT is the sole HANDLER is Limnos LGLM

Swissport is unavoidable only if you fly to Limnos LGLM where, only there, GOLDAIR or SKYSERV are not available

HOW TO CONTACT SWISSPORT : Email both  where xxx is the THREE LETTER IATA CODE of the airport.

Click for Swissport website

Bulletin Number 04 / 2015

1.     The new Defense Minister Mr. Kammenos is an acting private pilot. This creates high hopes in the General Aviation community for a better handling of general Aviation matters by the new administration

2.    Gen Assembly of AOPA Greece Members will be held in the island of Naxos, on Saturday Sunday May 16-17. An aviation even is planned for the same days. Save the date. 
Accommodation will be at NAXOS RESORT HOTEL at 60 euros per day for a double room and 45 euros for a single one. Further details soon.

Bulletin Number 03 / 2015

1 & 2.  AOPA Greece is keeping on with legal action in various occasions, No final results can be reported yet. But we are holding on.
3.   Meeting with the head of Tourist Operators of the country. Both parties noticed considerable delays in the way sea plane ports are been approved. They decided to work together, to face the problem.