Bulletin Number 10 / 2014

  1. In a few days, AFW will turn the lights on. It is going to be the best Tatoi air show ever.
    In another development, the 3rd AFW Aviation Conference which is going to take place on Monday 22 at Divani Caravel Hotel, will become the number one Aviation Conference ever held in Greece. Four (4) ministers and a score of high standing Government officials will participate.
    At the same time, the organizing committee reminds you all that you should send your participation application until next Sunday September 21 at the latest. Otherwise you will not be allowed to land at Tatoi.
  2. AOPA Europe is meeting in Athens at September 27. The organizer, AOPA Greece, selected the date on purpose, so that all AOPA EU representatives to have the opportunity to visit the Air Show.

Bulletin Number 09 / 2014

  1. AFW is now only a few days away. It is an opportunity to invite your friends and relatives to be at Tatoi airfield, where you can introduce them into the realms of aviation.
  2. European AOPA will meet in Athens on September 27. All 28 European AOPA’s plus representatives from 3 European countries officially cooperating with EASA will be represented. AOPA USA and representatives to ICAO and to EASA will also participate.
    On September 28 all participants will visit Athens AFW air show.
  3. New European regulation allows cost sharing flights and introductory flights to be performed by PPL pilots. AOPA Greece informs members to get advantage of the new regulation.
  4. AOPA Greece reached an agreement with SKYSERV, a handling agent serving also very small airports. Details of the agreement at our website.
  5. Saturated Mykonos, CAA issued a restrictive notam of max 2 hrs stay for any private flight in Mykonos as an outcome of little apron space and high demand.
  6. Athens Flying Week - Fly In event – Call for volunteers
  7. Various information for pilots in Greece
  8. AOPA Greece presents an interesting discussion on pilot responsibilities. A text in English and a video prepared by AOPA USA is presented.

Bulletin Number 08 / 2014

  1. AOPA Greece elections. Nothing changed in the latest election. AOPA Board remains exactly the same.
  2. AOPA Greece announced close cooperation with the Union of Air Traffic Controllers in the country. They decided to organize common activities
  3. AOPA Greece announced a campaign to lower the cost of handling pilot licenses in the country
  4. Various other activities

Bulletin Number 07 / 2014

General Assembly of AOPA Greece will take place in Thessaloniki on June 14, 15. Elections for the appointment of 5 board members, will take place on Sunday, June 15.
All members, who are more than a year in the association may become candidates in the election, by completing ANNEX A
All members, who are more than a year in the association may vote in the election, or if not present in the election hall, they may appoint another member to vote for them, by completing ANNEX B
Completed ANNEX’s should be send to info@aopa.gr not later than June 11