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Please fill out the form below to register as a new Member or sign-in (right), to renew or manage your subscription. Membership in AOPA Hellas costs 48 euros a year. AOPA AIR CREW Card -for issuing and sending of- costs 12 euro one-off (till the end of the subscription).

AOPA AIR CREW Card will be sent via Greek post service to the address you fill in your registration form. The total time required for the issuing and sending is 12 working days. In case of non-receipt after the advent of 12 working days, please contact or with Mr. Argiris Mama (AOPA Treasurer ,, Mob. 6974443336.

On the membership registration form below, you can select more than one year (or renew your subscription) and  accordingly must deposit or charge to your credit card the amount or wire transfer the amount.

For faster activation of your subscription select payment via credit / debit card, then send the transaction email to and if all is correct we will strive to be activated immediately and receive (up to 2 work days) an email with the AOPA HELLAS membership card in PDF form , ready to be used even before you receive the plastic printed one.

* The activation of your membership in case of wire transfer may take up to 5 work days (depending on bank processes for validation of transaction) and up to 2 work days for payments with credit card .

*We suggest to read the area with the membership benefits/discounts here

Before your subscription don't forget to read also "PILOTS' LEGAL COVERAGE" What are its merits and how it works"

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