The goals of AOPA Hellas are:

Α. To promote, support and represent the interests of its members in General Aviation. (General Aviation as defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization -ICAO-, includes all activities of civil aviation, except scheduled flights, and non-scheduled commercial transport flights).
The activities of AOPA Hellas include, among others, private pilots training, private flights with private aircraft, private flights of aviation professionals for business or tourism purposes, demo flights, organizing events for promotion of aviation, etc.

Β. To promote the economy, safety and use of general aviation for personal transportation of the operator or owner, for business purposes or for pleasure.

Γ. To encourage the creation of a network of airports, navaids, communication aids, the collection and distribution of meteorological information and other facilities which will be offered for use by General Aviation.

Δ. To cooperate with relevant government agencies to develop modern regulations and procedures for the interests of General Aviation and the country.

Ε. To Provide its members support, assistance and information to address all problems related to personal flights.