Can I fly a Greek registered airplane with a foreign license?

Since March 2006, with a) a non JAR license or b) a non European National License, you cannot fly SX- registered aircraft any more without a validation by Hellenic CAA. With a JAR license not issued from Greece (Hellenic CAA) you can fly one but only within the boundaries of Hellenic Airspace. The only way to fly SX- registered aircraft with foreign license is to get a JAR validation on it from HCAA. Regarding b): some National Licenses from European countries (e.g. UK) are still accepted for flight with SX-reg. aircraft in Greece but it may not be for long. FAA Licenses cannot be used any more for SX-reg. aircraft flying but only with N registered aircraft as everywhere. For more information contact HCAA FCL department at: +30210 9973049 (altn. 9973040 & 043).