In a campaign to alleviate the financial burden on pilots, AOPA has contacted all AMEs (Aero Medical Examiners) and some of them have volunteered to charge lower prices to members of the AOPA Hellas that renew their medical certificates.

This offer comes at a difficult economic situation and takes into account the efforts made by AOPA Hellas for General Aviation.

The names of participating doctors is listed in the table below. As the cooperation is voluntary, the list may change in the future.


Ground Handling

Follow up from paragraph 12:

Page Last Updated: 19 November 2018

12.b  GROUND HANDLING Current Prices & Terms Offered for AOPA

According to Greece AIP (GEN you must accept and pay for handling services at major airports if it is offered to you. i.e. if it’s not offered don’t bother. The official wording in the AIP is: "It is obligatory to private aircraft to accept marshalling at all Greek aerodromes as well as crew and passenger transportation wherever such service is available".

AOPA Hellas has established agreements with ground handling agents in Greece for better pricing towards AOPA members. There are roughly 50% discounts on the basic price of handling. The agreements include only Marshalling and Transport/Escort to/from airport terminal and they are available only for valid AOPA AIR CREW CARD holders and only GENERAL AVIATION private flights (incl. training). Commercial operation light aircraft flights are excluded.

If you have an IAOPA AIR CREW card you can use it with our handling discounts. If you don't have AOPA card and want to become a member then apply to us (AOPA Hellas) from above and by becoming a member you draw back the cost of handling in just 2~3 airport visits. The cost is (minimum one year) 48 Euro per year + 6 Euro for card issue and posting = total 54 Euro.

Due to AIR CREW card taking about 7~10 days to reach you, we accomodate "last day" registrations by sending notification of your membership status to the first handler you will use when you visit a Greek airport. Just notify us at if you need this service after you have completed your registration and payment. In the registration process add your delivery address, country etc. in the fields provided and you will receive your AIR CREW card within the following week.


Greek Aviation Map Offer

The only true VFR chart (1/500.000 scale) existing for Greece airspace to date.

If you are a current AOPA Hellas member you get a 10% discount on the charts by filing in your AOPA ID details in the ordering page.


SAAM Verspieren Group Insurance Offer

VERSPIEREN is a french independent broker, and a family run company since 1885. SAAM Verspieren Group is a subsidiary dedicated to aeronautics composed of a team of 25 employees in Paris.

SAAM Verspieren Group proposes insurance solutions for commercial aviation, air crews, general aviation, aviation manufacturers and service providers, as well as for aeronautical federations.