Ground Handling

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12.b  GROUND HANDLING Current Prices & Terms Offered for AOPA

According to Greece AIP (GEN you must accept and pay for handling services at major airports if it is offered to you. i.e. if it’s not offered don’t bother. The official wording in the AIP is: "It is obligatory to private aircraft to accept marshalling at all Greek aerodromes as well as crew and passenger transportation wherever such service is available".

AOPA Hellas has established agreements with ground handling agents in Greece for better pricing towards AOPA members. There are roughly 50% discounts on the basic price of handling. The agreements include only Marshalling and Transport/Escort to/from airport terminal and they are available only for valid AOPA AIR CREW CARD holders and only GENERAL AVIATION private flights (incl. training). Commercial operation light aircraft flights are excluded.

If you have an IAOPA AIR CREW card (e.g. other European country) you can use it with our handling discounts. AOPA USA cards are not accepted. If you don't have AOPA card and want to become a member then apply to us (AOPA Hellas) from above and by becoming a member you draw back the cost of handling in just 2~3 airport visits. The cost is (minimum one year) 48 Euro per year + 6 Euro for card issue and posting = total 54 Euro.

Due to AIR CREW card taking about 7~10 days to reach you, we accomodate "last day" registrations by sending notification of your membership status to the first handler you will use when you visit a Greek airport. Just notify us at if you need this service after you have completed your registration and payment. In the registration process add your delivery address, country etc. in the fields provided and you will receive your AIR CREW card within the following week.

Services and Prices Offered

The following are the handling agents available per airport in Greece:
2 handlers (Goldair/Skyserv): LGIO
1 handler (Goldair): LGSY, LGPA
Prices charged per handling agent per general aviation aircraft flight in brief:
  • - GOLDAIR with valid AOPA/IAOPA card: 24,8 Euro increasing to 62 Euro if ramp bus transfer is compulsory. (+36,9 for PPR +55,8 for IFR SLOT if/where needed)
  • - SWISSPORT with valid AOPA/IAOPA card: 25 Euro increasing up to 50 Euro depending on services required (bus transfer)/prior notice advance time/day-night time. Read the contract below for details. (+62 for PPR +55,8 for IFR SLOT if/where needed)
  • - SKYSERV for valid AOPA card holders charges GA aircraft below 3.000 kg MTOW at a rate of 43,4 Euro (we do not know about PPR & IFR slot charges but assume similar with Swissport's)
Note: VAT 24% is included in above prices.
PPR's: You can handle PPR on your own if you so wish by contacting the airport authority and in this case HANDLING AGENT will not charge PPR. For IFR slot the handling agent must take care of it, there is no way to avoid it. For FRAPORT privatized airports check the airport NOTAMs where the PPR contact email address is published.
If at other PUBLIC airports the handling agent informs you that you need PPR then ask them the CAA contact email for that airport so that you request PPR on your own. They will provide it.

In Detail

Swissport Hellas

- Download here and read the 2016 Contract with AOPA for all the charging details

To the above rpices add PPR and IFR Slot when/where needed +62 for PPR +55,8 for IFR SLOT

- Download and read here the Swissport Contact list (in IATA codes) to get in contact with SWISSPORT local stations personnel who are always available.

Basically most Swissport contact emails for each station are in the format:  and where "xxx" is the airport's IATA code.

Only for Athens Intl. LGAV station you use this custom email:

Use this tool to find IATA code if needed: - IATA-ICAO code convert

Also for SWISSPORT Hellas you can find here from their website their published contact details for major stations.

Goldair Handling SA

IAOPA/AOPA Air Crew cards for aircraft up to 3,000 kg MTOW

Basic Handling (Marshalling, foot escort to/from terminal): 24,8 Euro incl VAT

Basic Handling plus two ramp bus transfers (where walking to/from terminal is forbidden): 62 Euro incl VAT

To the above rpices add PPR and IFR Slot when/where needed +36,9 for PPR +55,8 for IFR SLOT if/where needed

Goldair Contract and ramp bus transfer 2016 contract addendum

Goldair Website

Read here the LATEST GOLDAIR CONTACTS LIST to get in contact with GOLDAIR local stations personnel who are always available.

Per Goldair's request email shall be copied always along with station e-mail in all handling requests.

 Handling (ex. Olympic Handling)

Be advised, soon (summer 2016), SkyServ will soon be acquired by Swissport.

Skyserv charges non commercial operation GA aircraft up to 3 tons MTOW at SKYSERV's "BUSCLUB" rate of 43,4 Euro incl.VAT

Email of SKYSERV to AOPA confirming their charging policy

Page Last Updated: 22 April 2017