Bulletin Number 09 / 2013

Athens Flying Week FLY IN 2013 - Official Invitation

Athens Flying Week is coming up soon! The organizing committee, in collaboration with AOPA HELLAS, is organizing Athens Flying Week FLY IN 2013, on 25/09 – 1/10/2013, during the Athens Flying Week, the most important aviation event in Athens which will be held the last week of September (23-29 September 2013).

It will be our pleasure to see you and your friends in the Athens Flying Week FLY IN 2013 at the airport of Tatoi, and experience together unforgettable aviation moments, as well as a series of individual events. There will be constant updates about our events, in our official web site, www.athensflyingweek.com.

In our site you will find the registration form for the FLY IN 2013 and information about the event, accommodation, excursions and much more.

For any further information, please contact by e-mail Ms. Zompanaki Marina at marina@aopa.gr and Ms. Karkouli Stefania by e-mail at flyin@athensflyingweek.gr.

Bulletin Number 08 / 2013

May and June are usually two months of intense General Aviation activity. We hereby present a short list on those activities with AOPA participation

  1. An aviation conference were held at Alexandroupolis, near the Turkish border,  on May 24-26
    Economic and environmental items were discussed.

  2. A one day conference was held at Athens Transport Ministry, on May 30.  
    The present and the future of air transport were discussed.

  3. Hortero Fly In 2013
    Serres air club organized Hortero Fly in 2013. A total of 34 aircraft participated in the event, which was sponsored by AOPA Greece.

  4. French aircraft n Volos
    On June 8 to June 11, Volos Airport was visited by 17 French light aircraft.. Their crews had the opportunity to visit Meteora and Pilio. AOPA and local Air club members accompanied the foreign crews.

    On June 22 to June 24 we had the 3rd Kavala Air Sea Show
    An F-16 of the Greek Air Force was the main part of the show.
    Turkish pilot Ali Osturk made an impressive performance. Italian team Blu Circle represented the Italian General Aviation. A team of Romanian Zlin 142 and a team of Romanian paratroopers also impressed the spectators.

Bulletin Number 07 / 2013


In our subscription renewal form old members who have not renewed since long time are requested to pay old subscriptions as well when proceeding with payment of running year.
If you would like to avoid this and pay only for the running year then you can opt to unregister as current member and request new membership.
In this case the only difference is that for one year after you cannot vote in AOPA elections.
For more information and this procedure you can contact our membership rep. Mr. Billy Costa at email billy@aopa.gr (alternate.bcosta@otenet.gr)

  1. Small Aviation news
  • A new Governor has been appointed to HCAA. Mr Koukis is now in office.  AOPA is going to ask for an early meeting to present problems with General Aviation in the country.
  • AOPA Greece has now a new internet site. All aviation developments on www.aopa.gr
  • An English aviation team is going to attempt a new world record on a two seat ultra light. They will attempt to climb above 26.500 feet. AOPA Greece will support their effort. Information on http://www.flightofikarus.com/.
  • Memorial Flight Rally Hans Gutmann     Long Range Event from 10 to 18 August 2013

Ιτ is a long range event, organized by AOPA Luxembourg. Details in the site of AOPA Greece.

  • A new edition of RBF is now on the news stand. In Greek language only.
  1. A French team of 18 light aircraft in Volos

They are going to land at Volos on Saturday June 8. They are planned to depart in 3 days, on June 11. Local air club and AOPA will assist  them while in the country.

  1. Chortero

The full program of Chortero 2013 is now available. For information

(  http://www.serresairclub.gr/hortero2013.htm )

  1. KAVALA 2013

Information on KAVALA airsea show (www.kavala-airshow.com)