AOPA welcomes FRAPORT Greece new pricelist

AOPA Hellas in Greece, has had a close collaboration with FRAPORT Greece for the last two years, the period since April 2017 when the company took over the operation of 14 key airports of the country under a Concession Agreement with the state.

The April 2017 transition from state (CAA) to Private operated airports brought increased costs and parking availability constraints to Greece's General Aviation (GA).

Since then, AOPA Hellas established the path of communication with the airports' operator and collaborated on the tough issues that lay ahead.

Their first meeting was in May 2017 and a follow up on May 2018, when they lay down the problems from both sides and possible ways to mitigate them.

It was September 2018 when FRAPORT Greece consulted AOPA Hellas again and this time they organized an essential "round table" meeting by inviting AOPA and 7 selected GA representatives to attend.

The aim was an honest talk and to explain the GA "stakeholders" how the airport operator shall be able to help GA in few months' time, what they can and what they cannot do.

More details on this meeting can be found here:

In March 2019 FRAPORT Greece changed their 2018 GA airport charges by making reductions ranging from 50% to 75%, going in to effect in April 2019. AOPA recognizes the efforts made by Fraport Greece and welcomes the new pricelist.

FRAPORT and AOPA Hellas will continue this mutual understanding collaboration in an effort to achieve more results on remaining GA issues like, parking space availability and ground handling agents' procedures.