AFW 2014 AOPA Hellas Fly-In Outlook and Participation Form

Last year the 2nd Athens Flying Week 2013, was a huge success. The 3rd AFW is coming soon. It will be held again during the last week (22 – 28) of September. A lot of aviation activities are planned in the Athens area, to arouse public awareness of general aviation. These activities include exhibitions of aviation-related material in selected places in central Athens, seaplane and aerobatic operations along the Athens coastline, a Greek aviation conference and the Regional Meeting of IAOPA EUROPE to be held in Athens, on September 27.

The highlight of AFW is the international aviation exhibition and Airshow at Tatoi Military airport (September 26-28). General aviation, military aircraft, helicopters, gliders, microlights, everything that flies will take part in a continuous three-day air show. More than 50,000 spectators attended the AFW Air Show last year. It is by far the biggest international aviation event in South East Europe.

More than 80 aircrafts participated last year in the AFW Fly-in 2013 at Tatoi airport. This year AOPA Hellas introduces a big innovation: we invite you to “Come Fly in Greece” between September 15 and October 5, 2014.

Organize your own trip, make your itinerary, visit the places you always dreamed to go to on the dates that suit you best. And let us all meet in Tatoi airport on September 26 – 28 to watch together the spectacular AFW Airshow from the special tent reserved for the Fly-in participants. Remark : Visit to Athens/Tatoi is a highly valued suggestion. It is not an obligation

Read carefully the following information

  • AFW Organizing Committee and AOPA Hellas will provide you with all the necessary information about Flying in Greece – G.A. friendly airports, airport operating hours, handling, fuel availability and prices, hotel suggestions, ground transportation and car rental. During this period AOPA Greece will be manning a Pilot Support Office, useful for every visiting pilot and especially to seaplane pilots, who will be flying for the first time in a country that has approved seaplanes just a few months ago. Complete the information form, to enable AOPA Greece to support you, when in the country and send the completed form to Early notification is advised

  • Those who will visit AFW Air Show at Tatoi military airport, must provide additional information to the organizers by completing the Registration Form herebefore September 21, 2014, in order to obtain the mandatory landing permit.

All participants should Visit the official Athens Flying Week website and read the latest information and update about the event.

AFW Calendar



AFW Fly In

Sept 15 to Oct 05

AFW city of Athens aviation activities

Sep 22 to 26

AFW Air Show at Tatoi

Sept 26 to 28

Rent a plane in Greece
Athens Flying Week organizers are offering a novel solution to a limited number of AOPA pilots who want to fly in Greece while avoiding the cost and the time required to fly into and out of the country.
Local flying schools and flight clubs are to lease a number of planes to AOPA pilots who may come to Greece using any airline, get a Cessna/Piper on arrival, and spend a few days flying around the Aegean.
The organizers will provide the plane and all information required for the flight. Since this program is available only to a limited number of pilots, early booking is a must. Interested pilots should contact Mrs. Marina via email or the AOPA Greece email address.

Participating Aeroclubs:
  • Thessaloniki Aeroclub - Info
  • Global Aviation - Info

A taste of Athens Flying Week
Last year AOPA Israel visited Greece during Athens Flying Week. Here are their pictures!
A trip to Greece (in German) - Mr. Hans-Peter Keller, Switzerland

A taste of Greece