New agreement between AOPA Hellas and Swissport Hellas S.A & Swissport Hellas Sud for handling services to IAOPA members

Read more here. The agreement is valid from Wednesday, August 11th, 12.00 Local Time

Pilot should inform the handling agent 24 hours in advance so that
they also schedule their services and in order keep AOPA discount
right. Still if pilot does not manage to notify within 24 hours of
arrival due to flight operational reasons (i.e change of destination), a
notification should be made, the latest before take off from departure
airport, so that AOPA member does not lose the right for discount. In these
cases there may be slight occasional delay in handling services on arrival
by Swissport ground personnel.

Read here the Swissport Contact list to get in contact with SWISSPORT
ocal stations personnel who are always available.

Also for SWISSPORT Hellas you can find here from their website their
published contact details for major stations: